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Woodend Golf Club
Davy Street WoodendVictoria, 3442
Tel:    +61 3 5427 2261

Golf Course

One of our core club values is to make golf accessible and enjoyable for players of all levels. With this in mind we maintain the course to be fair for beginners, whilst also remaining a good test for better players. Welcome and enjoy!

Course Overview

Hole 1 – 326m Par 4. Daunting drive first up! Players hit out of a shoot with trouble left & OOB to the right. Once on the fairway the hole opens up with short approach to a relatively flat and receptive green. *Beware OOB at back of green.


Hole 2 – 104m Par 3. Looks easy from the tee at only 104 meters however, this hole is all about the green. With two levels and a drop-off at the front any tee shot on the putting surface is gold here. If your shot finishes on the wrong tier or you find yourself chipping to the green, good luck!


Hole 3 – 347m Par 4. Longer hole which doglegs right skirting OOB. The key is the drive, get to the corner and you’ll set up a nice approach to a large gently sloping green. *Chipping up from the right is the bailout here.


Hole 4 – 133m Par 3. A Woodend classic. Short par 3 that even has a bank that feeds balls back onto the green, what could go wrong? Miss the green and you’ll find out…


Hole 5 – 173m Par 3. Toughest hole on the course. 180 odd meters uphill with trees left, quarry right and OOB just through the back. 2 large grass bunkers are in play along with various runoffs and the back to front sloping green perched high on the hill always proves a challenge. *Be sure to take a minute to enjoy the view of Hanging Rock and Mt Macedon after you’ve putted out.


Hole 6 – 297m Par 4. Is it driver or an iron from the tee? Not a long hole but, very narrow with OOB right and big gums left. Plays through a valley to a large flatish green. *Watch out for the large gum short right.


Hole 7 – 318m Par 4. A ripper little hole. Narrow shoot drive sets up an approach to a devilishly left to right back to front sloping green. Big bank on the right slings balls away from the green with any ball missing left in ‘trouble’.. *Beware of ‘The Magnet Tree’ short left which has a nasty habit of eating golf balls!


Hole 8 – 334m Par 4. Narrow drive through big gums to mild right dogleg. Negotiate the fairway swales and approach to a large flat green. *Huge bank at front will gobble up anything short.


Hole 9 – 370m Par 4. Dogleg left to wide sweeping fairway. (Could be time to let the big dog off the chain!) Front to back sloping green will test your nerve as you make the turn.


Hole 10 – 287m Par 4 Short hole with narrow fairway which doglegs right and has big trouble on the left. Approach distance is hard to judge but, once on the green it’s pretty plain sailing. *Take care with the large yellow Cypress on the right on the drive.


Hole 11 – 164m Par 3. The signature hole. You’ll wonder what’s going on as you walk to this tee as the land just falls away leaving a stunning westward view and then you’ll spot the green nestled some 50 meters below! This is a chance to put the ball into orbit however, club selection is key with the hole playing much longer or shorter depending on the prevailing wind. Your problems don’t end there as once down at the green you’ll need to deal with severe humps and swales making this hole a true test.


Hole 12 – 293m Par 4. Straight par 4 with OOB left and large grass crater in the fairway. A good drive sets up a short approach to a severely right to left sloping green.


Hole 13 – 253m Par 4. The first hole of Woodend’s amen corner is a drivable par 4 where it’s all about the green. Anything down the right hand side will struggle to hold the green which slopes wickedly from front to back & right to left. Keep the ball left off the tee and you’ll have a chance but, don’t count your chickens…this green is treacherous. *Dam at the back is in play in summer.


Hole 14 – 186m Par 3. The second of our amen corner holes. With OOB left & long this one plays through a valley and slightly uphill, at 186m good connection is essential. The hole sits at an odd angle and as a result the big gum on the right is a popular spot from the tee. The large green slopes quite a bit from left to right. *Take your time to enjoy the smells and sounds of the Aussie bush.


Hole 15 – 318 Par 4. The last of Woodend’s amen corner. Make the turn for home on our second hardest hole with an uphill dogleg left drive requiring a good straight hit. Big trouble in the gum thicket on the right and be sure not to bite off too much dogleg or you’ll be blocked out on the approach. The green sits like an upturned saucer and also slopes severely from left to right making cross slope or downhill putts very tricky. *Right side of the green is the miss here.


Hole 16 – 414m Par 5. Very short par 5, easy on paper however, all is not as it seems. Risk and reward from the tee and if longer hitters can take it up the left (close to or over the OOB) they should be able to get home in two. The tee shot is played up and over a rise with the fairway then sweeping downwards and left before it kicks up sharply to a classic bowl green carved out of the hill. Another hole with a friendly bank at the back with the green sloping severely from back to front. Don’t try to bring too much of the back bank into play as this green is notorious for spitting balls back from whence they came. *Be sure to make use of the Rope Pull on the way up to the 17th tee.


Hole 17 – 138m Par 3. Catch your breath before playing your shot up hill to a green framed by massive pines at the back and a bank on the right. This green is another Woodend classic with a massive left to right slope and just a little front to back thrown in for good measure, 2 putts here is a good effort.

Hole 18 – 315m Par 4. Right to left dogleg or take it straight over the Blue Spruce if you dare. Fairway sweeps around and down to a nice flat green with magnificent views south to Mt Macedon. *Stay clear of the yellow Cypress on the right.